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If this isn't the best thread to post this, I apologize in advance.

The next Batman movie should have a scene where Bruce Wayne takes a word association test. It was done in BATMAN ADVENTURES #9 in a backup story called "The Couch." The "hook" was what each word caused Bruce to think vs. what he told the psychiatrist. Also, something similar was done in SKYFALL, and the James Bond and Batman movies are stuck in some kind of Oroborous/recursive loop these days on how they influence each other.

(Special thanks to
Batman Adventures #9: Bruce Wayne visits a psychiatrist who tries this on him. Bruce has to lie all thewaythroughthe session.

The biggest changes to that for the movie would be...

Psychologist: City.
GothamPsychologist: State.

And, of course...

Psychologist: Monarch.
Bruce: ...
Psychologist: Monarch.
Bruce: Done. (leaves)

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