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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show? - Part 1

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
It's okay... but you won't find much sympathy when Whedon specifically said "it's not about crime." So it's hard to really understand why you would worry about it being about crime. The core issue may be that there is a lot of room between mundane crooks and supervillains du jour, and you seem to see it as either or... either it's costumes AND super powers AND super items AND supervillain storylines... or NONE of the above. That's not really reasonable, imho.

Other than the elements of the Marvel Universe that fall in that wide chasm (ie HYDRA, the Skrulls, neither supervillains nor normal crooks), Item 47 is probably a good example of what a SHIELD storyline might be. Something super happens. What do different types of people do with this? How does that cause problems, and how does SHIELD deal with it, physically *and* morally. If the show is not about crime (though most superhero things are), and the show is about being in a world where these super things happen, and the show will have spectacle and sci-fi elements, then, like a Fringe or a Star Trek we can expect many of the challenges they face to be deeper than "Stop this bad person this week" - maybe the problem turns out to be a good thing. Maybe the problem just can't be solved. Maybe it's all a big accident or misunderstanding. Sometimes there's not a person at the heart of the problem at all. That's sci-fi television. More about the people and the metaphors than beating the bad guys, whether they're from Latveria or Afghanistan.

And this not only holds true for the shows SHIELD has been compared to, not only for all the statements that have been made, but it also holds true for all of Joss Whedon's shows, through varying levels of involvement of himself, Ted and Maurissa.

Am I the only one thinking along these lines?

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