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Default Re: Reconciling the films contunity

Originally Posted by DoomGuy91 View Post
It is not the same as TIH was to Hulk. TIH was not made as a sequel, but as a reboot, it was also put into a different continuity. After all the original Hulk film is not part of the new shared marvel universe (Iron Man 1 and 2, TIH, Captian America, Thor).

So far, all the X-men films have been set in the same universe.
Which is what the Wolverine is. They are completely disregarding Origins. They are moving on as if it never happened. They are completely forgetting everything in the movie. However, they aren't going to re-do weapon X and he will be in Japan just like the end of Origins suggested. It is almost exactly like TIH and HULK except for the fact that the star remains. It is a reboot with vague references to the former. It is not a sequel...they have made that completely clear.

Aronofsky has been given complete creative control and he has said that he is making this a stand alone film.

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
I get the vibe they're going to pull an "incredible hulk" with "the wolverine". For those who follow the films and know them very well (us) know it's not a direct sequel at all.... (HULK ended with Banner running off to south america and established history with betty and gen ross, Incredible Hulk opened with Banner in south america and a pre-established history with betty and gen ross. Ignoring the Super Soldier serum, cast change, and the opening credits... it really could have been a sequel)

The Wolverine, i guarantee.... will be the same way. they'd especially have to keeping Hugh in the role, and not retelling his origin.
Yup. And I am glad to finally see someone who sees what they did with TIH and HULK the same way I do. It is a reboot but it has a ton of vague references to the previous film. I really don't have a word to accurately describe it. A loose reboot?

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