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Default The Klingon Thread

This film features scenes set on the Klingon homeworld. We'll finally get to see the Klingon designs cut out of the first film.

Furthermore, the question of whether or not Klingons have ridges in this era is finally settled. According to set reports and advanced screenings they do. Two Klingons are seen without helmets and are reported to have ornamental ridge piercings.

There are a few images of the klingon costumes out. Most are stills and clips from the deleted scense from ST09 but the cover of IDW's Into Darkness countdown comic also features a nuKlingon.

Klingon presented on the cover of the last issue of the preview comic, due out a few weeks before the films release.

Personally I think that costume is an improvement over the grey trenchcoats they were going to be wearing in Star Trek 09.

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