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Default Re: DC Relaunching Everything? - Part 10

Originally Posted by Saint View Post
Yes, it's all about the creative teams. For me, Marvel Now has been exactly as refreshing as the New 52 with no reboot required.
To be fair, Marvel isn't the mishmash of different comic book companies nor did it perform continuity crazy stories like DC. Marvel just didn't need a reboot and thankfully, they had the common sense to not do that.

Frankly, I think DC is better off overall with a reboot.

You align the right teams to the right characters with the right attitude, and it's going to feel fresh whether you ****ed up continuity or not.
But Marvel continuity was never a mess to begin with. They've been pretty damn consistent overall.

On an unrelated note, anyone who isn't reading Indestructible Hulk and Thor: God of Thunder is the world's biggest chump.
The best thing about Marvel NOW! is that their major titles (Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man) feel fresh and exciting now as opposed to before Marvel now where everything was feeling incredibly stale.

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