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Default Re: who is savitar !?

Originally Posted by Reverse-Zoom View Post
The way killer frost said you don't have hate in your eyes so your past flash or however she worded it made me think Barry was rogue and already a villainous person and his acting just screamed untrustworthy
Future Barry said that Iris was the love of his life. So he goes back and kills her so that his own past is affected, leaving him a broken man so that he has to experience it himself? Is he some kind of masochist?

And why would future Barry help out present Barry to stop Mirror Master and Top and help to reform Team Flash only to go off again to kill Iris, if he hasn't done so already?

If Killer Frost said that future Barry had hate in his eyes, it might be to do with Barry's feeling towards her because of her helping Savitar, or it might be hate towards Savitar himself.

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