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Default Re: The Flash Season 4 Episode 2: "Mixed Signals"

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
So if my wife singlehandly saves her company from going bankrupted, thus preventing hundreds of employees from losing their jobs as well, then I would also get the credit just because I'm married to her?
It was a stupid way for the writers to express it, but the idea they were trying to express is not.

If your wife singlehandly saves her company from going bankrupted, that's great, but in doing so she should probably let you know that important **** is going down at her job. Being part of a strong relationship involves sharing important things that are happening in both people's lives.

If you and your wife are both working on the same team, the "singlehandly" part is less clear. The driver of the racecar is not "singlehandly" responsible for the wins (or the losses) on the track. The whole team is imporant, and ignoring the needs of any member of the team to feel like they are valued or to ignore their imput is not a good idea for long-term success. Not noticing that the dynamics of the whole team have been altered by six months of no Barry is not good. Sidelining Wally without noticing his reaction is also probably a mistake.

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