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Default Re: The Flash Season 4 Episode 2: "Mixed Signals"

Originally Posted by igoogol View Post
What is with these apples and oranges comparisons? How is saving lives the same as playing a sport or running a business or being married? Why not compare something closer to what Flash does, such as the police, firefighters, paramedics? No? Wonder why.
it's the fact that part's of the writing team don't care about certain thing's and they don't think the audience would question the thing they put in. remember they thing with fact they still have the highest rating on the show and the only awards they ever win are surfboards and it's for greatest kiss of all thing to be awarded that the thing the smart half of the fan question aren't important or wouldn't be asked or questioned.

Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
While flawed some aspects of the second episode where kind of fun. I'm not sure I care for the Iris and Barry rom-com moments though. I like how they are teasing the Thinker at the end of each episode.
your correct theing that are obvious here is that the writers were looking for a way for iris to be help& use ful and sadly they won't let do that through the profession she chose inthe first season which was being an investigative reporter. causethe writers don't care to have not be the damsel in destress . they just can't conceive an idea of how to have not be that. or to balance it out where she's get her self out of trouble and the other in team flash get kid napped just as much as her.

the other problem is which other are notr mention is that cisco made the biggest screw up. it's not that he put too much tech inthe suit it's thatas soon as he found out there was meta human withthe power to control machines like a hack while he was making a aniti virus to short out kill gore he didn't bother to think she should put in an additonal feature for barrys suit like virus for him just entering barry suit's computer or to tell barry not to wear the suit til he made sure it wasn't hackable by this new villain . why? cause they had to make him obsess over Gypy. which he would have made up to her regardles. it was due to cisco making him self disstracted

so the bisgest blunder was there. next to the weird self destruct feature. he should have made sure there was a manul shut off on the suit for barry to acess that only barry can find on his chest piece emblem .

Now, I know other's have this issue with iris leading the team and to a degree it doesn't make the most sense when she can be just as help with her former career. but sadly ther writers don't seem to care to make it work inthe best way. they still could have had her done that with the job of being an investgative reporter. but they didn't care to. her being on the com's isn't bad idea. but what people are mad or unhappy about is that barry reverted back to I can't , I need a pep talk or tell me what do do mode again .

and he got out that both in season 2 and 3. yes I agree he sadly reverted. the seem to keep want him to go back there and caqn't make up their minds.

there's nothing with any of them bing on the con'[s anc give him options v but he has to make the choses's. other do this wotih people inthe opcenters the showv the barve on NBC show this next to NCIS LA. there are tones of Examples.

and there isn't much in iris 's back groundt hat show leader ship to have earned this . but come to think about it there wasn't much of leader in any of team flash to begin with with the excpetion of eobard posing as wells.

and there's no real stratigy school for her to have gone to.

and sadly all they ever have joe do mostly is to be in star labs reaction when crayness goes dow and for him to have a shocked looked onhis face or not know what to think. when he should be rallying a squad of cop's head to the same location barry is act makingsure they surround the area and make sure no civilinan's are nead the area barry's fight the latest villain andcutting of the villain area's of escape. in steak of make reactions to cisco in star labs and going what all the time.

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