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Default Re: The Flash ratings thead

Originally Posted by vantheman77 View Post
Ratings are about to be passe. Viewership gives us an idea on how many people were watching.
Ratings only matter to the networks in regards to setting ad rates. Ads are how the big four make their money. The CW is sort of a different beast. It's more of a showcase to find out how the public feels about them. In that regard viewers hold more weight than the do for the big four networks because a lot of the money WB and CBs get from the CW shows in from the Netflix and syndication deals. Plus there is the CW app. So just looking at how many 18-49 year olds watch the CW shows doesn't give an accurate picture of which shows are profitable for WB and CW. For example, Dynasty was profitable for CBS before a single episode aired because of the overseas Netflix deal, even though it is one of the lowest watched shows on the CW by the 18 to 49. So for the CW, total viewers may well be more important because for Netflix they don't run ads and so are more dependent on how many people in general watch their shows.

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