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Default Re: The Flash Season 4 Episode 10: "The Trial of The Flash"

These shows don't do legal stuff well. Oliver's trial, Moira Queen's trial (and Laurel being assigned to it despite a MASSIVE conflict of interest), this, etc. They all come across as ridiculously contrived and forced. And anyone who watches five seconds of Law & Order or CSI could figure that out.

Honestly Barry getting arrested at all was contrived (I still don't buy that he couldn't have gotten himself out of that situation), and this is even worse unfortunately.

And the fact that they don't even bring up the whole "I'm a CSI, why the heck would I kill someone in the most obvious way possible and implicate myself" thing at all is the most contrived of all.

Also that must be a VERY sheltered judge if THIS is the worst crime that he's ever seen (I've sat in as a spectator on murder trials that were worse than this). Also Cecile is like the worst lawyer ever it would seem.

This is starting to fall into the trap of "make our heroes into bumbling morons just to make the villain SEEM really smart" rather than actually make him believably really smart.

Also if Barry is the worst criminal that this judge has ever seen, and that murder was the worst that he's ever seen as well, then that judge must not have seen a lot of murder cases.

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