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Default Re: Easter eggs?

Georgi Luchkov --- the general that Black Widow interrogated: actual minor villain in Black Widow's comic

Sen. Boynton --- seen during the end TV news montage complaining and mistrusting the Avengers: real life Iron Man foe

Shawna Lynde --- actual minor character from Thor comics

I'm still waiting to see an official full cast listing to look for more easter eggs; one in particular I'm curious about is the second SHIELD agent that Loki mind-controlled at the beginning to aid in his escape from the NASA facility. He picked Hawkeye because he sensed great power and skill (or something like that) in him, and he also picked the nameless other blonde guy with the shades. There's *gotta* be a reason Loki chose him, too....I'm thinking that's a "name" SHIELD agent, like Clay Quartermain.


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