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Default Re: How will Clark being found by the Kents be handled?

Originally Posted by Naite22 View Post
What if the movie starts up entirely different then one might expect??? Maybe it starts off as a total "Perfect storm" kinda way, with clark working the boats??? Than through flashbacks and such (Batman Begins style), we see Krypton stuff, along with Clark childhood stuff, also being found by the Kents??? Do we even know for sure that we'll actually see Clark crashland on earth this time around???
I like could open with an already established superman...we see him take out some bankrobbers or something similar. after, we see him fly up to the top of a building and give the pose that we all know...he looks out over metropolis, we see lexcorp and star labs off in the distance....silence except for the wind..
we hear a voiceover by him start and we are transported to the past and krypton.

“Turn to page 394.”

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