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Default Re: The Official Justice League Director Thread

Originally Posted by dnno1 View Post
Sounds like Samsnsee is upset because it not going to be his pick for director.
I'm not upset. I don't have a pick. If a JL movie ever happens, I'll watch it unless reviews are crap. I just feel like WB is looking to cash in on a team-up movie thanks to Avengers, and is going with the most convenient choice.

I remember when Iron Man was a hit, there was all this talk about Favreau directing Avengers too. But Marvel took a step back and picked someone right for that movie. Snyder might be right for Superman, I won't know until I see the final product. And he may be right for JL. But it just looks like WB doesn't necessarily care about developing a JL movie that will actually be good, just one that is good enough.

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