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Default Re: Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
Every property and adaptation have many changes, this isn't just a "MARVEL thing" if that's what you're implying. Just look at how many changes were Nolan's Batman and the changes we already know about Snyder's Superman.

For crying out loud:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Superman's birth was even changed in that film to make him even more of an outsider. And that's just one change. I'm not saying this is necessarily bad but it is going in blindly to say that DC stays true to the characters while MARVEL doesn't.
Read what he wrote. He didn't write what you accused him of writing. Here's the quote again:

I think all comic characters whether they be Marvel or DC properties should be celebrated and that they shouldn't feel the need to be apologetic to general audiences about them. I think if these companies had more faith in their characters people would love the characters just the way they are.
Notice he includes both comic book companies in the first statement and says "these companies" in the second statement. "These companies" would refer to anyone dealing with comic book properties, including DC's parent company WB.

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