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Default Re: Bradley Cooper IS Rocket Raccoon

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
I'd call that a bullet dodged but I doubt they ever considered giving rocket a cockney accent. And I know for a fact that gunn et al would neeeever use a video game or even a cartoon as a reference point for a cinematic property. Except for what NOT to do.

Kudos for putting the speculation to rest. Complaints are now being accepted on the Jason statham fan club website.
Is this dissing video games & cartoons? Because video games & cartoons have gotten alot of comic things right that movies haven't. Look at Spider-Man, the Spectacular Spider-Man series is better than ANY Spidey movie. Or look at Batman, Batman: TAS & Batman: Arkham City are better representations of the comics than ANY of the movies.

"Okay...This looks bad."
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