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Default Re: Bradley Cooper IS Rocket Raccoon

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
They couldn't really write the dialogue in comics like a cockney accent because some of it would be unreadable then, especially to Americans. Plus, since it was Americans writing the dialogue, they wouldn't be completely familiar with all the pronunciations.

For example, a cockney Brit might write "about" but would pronounce the word more like "abaht". And even that phonetic spelling doesn't fully capture the cockney sound. Also, it's difficult to phonetically spell some cockney pronunciations - eg "water" would be "war'er" with the "t" clipped or completely unpronounced. But "war'er" doesn't quite convey that pronunciation when read. I don't think Americans would have a clue what is being spoken either if they just see "war'er". Even a Brit would find that hard to read on a printed page.
ya i guess i would understand writing a cockney accent differently, but i find it slightly odd to write a characters dialogue with different spellings to make an accent obvious. It would be kind of annoying if you have that accent and to read dialogue that is all messed up to try and sound that way, when thats actually the normal way you say it. it makes it appear that the way it is being said is wrong since the spelling changes. Do they do this in the UK in regards to the american accent? as in write words to reflect the way it would sound coming from an american when that character is american

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