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Default Re: Bond 25 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Roose Bolton View Post
It doesn't help that they're were very immediate follow ups, either. But yeah, I think they're both middle tier more than anything. For me personally I'd say the very worst of the franchise are:

Diamonds Are Forever
A View to a Kill
Die Another Day
The Man with the Golden Gun
Diamonds Are Forever is still the only one that I've never been able to make myself sit through in one go, just awful, from a complete failure to follow up on OHMSS in a non-insulting manner, to Connery doing a frankly s*** job as Bond, and the overall movie just being a mess of stupidity, not one moment of the film stands out to me as being decent, as bad as the rest of the films you listed are, they at least had some redeeming qualities, I can't find one in Diamonds.

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