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Default Re: Bond 25 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Vaibow View Post
I always said that Bond should have a tv series - with budgets the way they are, it's easy. focus on decent story telling - look at early Dr Who, Sherlock, Spooks, luthor, Poldark - telling me they can't come up with something snazzy?

Thing is, personally, for me, spectre put me off Bond, Casino Royale was such a game changer, i was disappointed with the slight exception of sky fall.

I think Henry Cavil is prime for a Bond reboot.
I don't know about a TV series but I'm surprised EON hasn't done spin off movies.

Some folks seem to be caling for a Black Bond or a female Bond. Why not do a spin off film with another 00 Agent who could be either of those things. The supporting cast of Bond would be the same (Moneypenny, Q, Tanner, M) and you would have the benefit of being able to do a movie not as beholden to the Bond mythos but set within the Bond universe.

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