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Default Re: Bond 25 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
Serious question. What would they call a female Bond? Jane Bond? Janet Bond?

Im willing to give a female Bond a try, but Im not sure about it. James is a man that drinks way too much and sleeps with most pretty women he comes across. Personally I have zero problem with a woman doing those things. Women are free to drink as much as they want to and sleep with whoever they want to. If a man can do it a woman should be able to do it as well. But general audiences might not take to a woman who drinks like a fish and who has more notches on her belt than the corner prostitute. Like it or not women that sleep with a lot of people are perceived in a much more negative light than men who sleep with a lot of people. Its a double standard but it exists. So Im not sure EON would want to try to overcome that double standard. They could give us a female Bond that doesnt drink much and has a steady relationship or doesnt sleep around much but at that point you'd be removing a part of the escapism of the films so is it even worth it?

What I would suggest is introducing an entirely new Double O agent that is a woman. Have her work with Bond. Maybe she is new to the program and Bond is supposed to be training her. They end up having to take down a villain and stop an evil plot. Then if the character is received well by general audiences do a spinoff film with her. Or bring the character back once in a while in future films.
Honestly I wouldn't want them to try, unlike a lot of roles where gender swaps have been suggested or have happened, James Bond is one case where the character's gender actually is a big part of the character himself. They'd be far better off trying to come up with a new female lead agent/franchise that is done in a similar style to Bond, because it just wouldn't be the same character, and keeping the Bond name would feel forced to me.

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