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Default Re: Favorite moment in the trilogy?

X1-All of Toad's scenes
X1-Mystique beating up Wovlerine, licking her lipes and continuing to out-maneuver him
X1-For some reason, "Do you know what happens to a toad..." awesome build up and effects (I was like 10)

X2-Nightcrawler's into...
X2-Mystique's infiltration of the base and sliding out with the middle finger lol
X2-Phoenix's sacrifice scene was awesome, I liked the interaction between Scott, Prof X. and Jean, (Phoenix aura especially did it)
X3-Phoenix aura underwater as Jean VO's

X3-Storm's death spin at Jean's house (would've loved to see the tidal wave in full glory during the film, that would've probably been the 2nd most destructive move after Phoenix's rampage)

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