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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
There's a difference between discussing it (like on this board) and rating a movie. There are playing of non fanboys who rate movies, and they found TIH to be superior to Hulk. You can't simply judge what the audience thinks of a movie based on box office alone because many different factors go into it. You're pretty much writing off every single source that thought it was good in exchange for box office receipts that were tainted by the movie before. It was an uphill climb for TIH because of Ang Lee's Hulk. History has shown that a preceeding movie failing (and the Hulk failed in the audience eyes, even by your logic because its record dropoffs) will affect the succeeding movie, especially one in which the predecessor faced a near 70% which was at the time a record for a movie with that huge an opening weekend and with much of the GA believing TIH was a sequel to Hulk.
Sorry, but I dont believe that Ang's movie had much of an effect on TIH at all, if any. Look at Batman Begins, B&R was a MUCH MORE derided and a MUCH BIGGER flop than Hulk was, heck even the cast of B&R publicly bad mouthed it, yet BB went onto make around £375 WW, after a lower opening than TIH, why? WOM, which TIH didnt have.

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Plus, Universal dropped the ball marketing wise on TIH, which was widely reported.

There's no way to screen the whole GA consensus. Cinemascore, imdb, and RT are the closest thing to that, and people liked TIH a lot more than Hulk.

People mentioned X-men First Class before. It made around the same amount of money, and people raved over it.
FC made around $100 million more WW than TIH, plus is DVD/BD sales have been great, hardly a valid comparison.

Originally Posted by E-Man View Post
One thing to consider with TIH making slightly more money than Ang's movie is inflation. Ticket prices were obviously higher in 2008 than in 2003, and when you take that into account Ang's movie was more profitable.

Ang's Hulk could beat up TIH Hulk too! *farts and then leaves the ensuing madness*
Exactly, adjusted for inflation they made about the same, if people had loved TIH so much, it would have made comfortably more.

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