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Default Re: Can Anyone explain the 9 realms to me using common man language?

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
In the MOVIE the gas clouds/Nebulas form a TREE or the World tree and the Milky Way is but a branch of that tree

In the COMICS the PLANET is Midgard and basically different magical "wormholes" connect to it.
The images you see of ASGARD in the comics is mostly the CITY of Asgard itself, the REST of Asgard the CONTINENT where some dwarves also live is hidden from normal view in space but traveled to just as easliy as you would go from city to city on Earth.

The OTHER 7 realms are basically set up the same way surrounding Earth for the most part.

Think of each realm as being a level of enligtenment. Asgard being the upper most highest level you could achieve and hel the one of the lowest.

Technically Jontunheim and Alfheim are a hair above Midgard being as both are magic users. Jotunheim more deviant and Alfheim good and Elf-Like basically the bad and good repectively.

Niffleheim is for the dishonored dead, Hel is basically between a warriors heaven (Valhalla) and Nifflheim. Valhalla is actually located ON Asgard.
Nice explanation, Vartha. How about Svartalfheim? Where would it be placed as far as enlightment goes?

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