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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
On top of all that, The Last Stand's ending suggested a period of peace and happy co-existence had begun. Storm welcomed a whole load of new kids to the school, Beast became a worldwide ambassador, Magneto was no longer a threat, most of Magneto's army were dead, cured or disintegrated.

So the need for the X-Men to exist as a peacekeeping force was more or less removed.
this is a reply to both x-maniac and DigificWriter:

I understand most of your points, definetly. And of course any writer could go in one direction or another.

But I suggest one question:

In the case XO: wolverine and first class never existed, and Fox would have decided to do X4 on 2009 and X5 this year: Do you think the x-men would be disbanded?

and another one, even if X3 ended with a pacific situation, do you think there wouldnt be anymore threats for mutants or the x-men, even if they could have disbanded around '2010' or something?

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