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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

Originally Posted by Duran Man View Post
Here is what we already know:

1. The Wolverine leads into DOFP.
2. Alternate timelines and time travel will be involved.

From this I think it's fair to deduce that the dystopian future in DOFP will occur after The Wolverine, not as a separate timeline initially, and that by the end of DOFP two timelines will be created.
If the dystopian future Is designed to be set after Trilogy and The Wolverine then perhapes The Wolverine has ending showing the first use of Sentinles.
Although maybe the ending of the WOlverine ties Into DOFP as nothing more than showing what leads Wolverine to return to mansion.

mark Millar's comment of both First Class and days of future past as prequels not to mention the Infamous HR story saying the future scenes as alternate
dystopian future raises possibily the future Is a possable future coming off of what exactly Magneto and brotherhood did.And the time travel Is trying to prevent such event.Now If the time travel preventing event ends up leading to other films coming Into being that would allow for the connecting dots between films that Bryan Singer has talked about.

If trying to create future as entirely post trilogy and The Wolverine the big question Is how they end film.

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