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Default Re: When should the DVD come out?

Originally Posted by cronosred View Post
I hate the way they handle dvd extras. When dvd's first came out they would put lots of extras with the movie, then when dvd's took over they charged you more if you wanted the extras or else you would have to settle for a barebones release, and now that blu-ray has come out they neglect dvd's and put all the extras with the blu-rays so you'll be tempted to upgrade. It's really disappointing. Perhaps one of the chains will have a two-disc dvd exclusive like Walmart did with the last Harry Potter movie.
Yeah tho I've been through this same thing over and Over. I mean all media has done this over the years and there's very little differences between DVD and Blu ray compared to say Records to 8 tracks, 8 Tracks to Cassette and so on.
3D has no bearing on it either since Journey to the center of earth with Brendan Fraser was 3d and it had the 3d on one side and the 2d on the other.

I do hope Walmart does get a dvd version with the extras. That'd be nice

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