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Default Re: Survivor: Philippines

I don't thin a tribe in the world would rally behind Colton. This isn't a super dominant player like Rob or Coach or Russell who despite having alienating personalities and being strategic villains can bring a lot to the game and thus tribes rally around them.

Interestingly, Probst also said in his E! interview that he doesn't consider Colton to be a "Survivor villain," but rather just a rude kid....Probst really doesn't seem to like or respect him and that can make a huge difference in casting. It is the reason that Johnny Fairplay will not be brought back again (he and Probst got in a huge fight at a post-finale party) and the reason why Brian Heidik will not be coming back. If Probst dislikes Colton, he can kiss his shot at a second chance goodbye. Of course, Jeff is crafty. He may just be trying to throw people off of his scent.

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