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Default Re: Survivor: Philippines

They're not all second stringers....Michael was on a path to winning the game before his injury. A couple have already played multiple times. This is the list of people who have been medically removed from the game:

Michael Skupin (Australian Outback: faceplant in fire)
Bruce Kanegai (Panama: bowel obstruction)
Gary Stritesky (Fiji: challenge injury/insect bites)
Jonathan Penner (Micronesia, knee injury infection)
James Clement (Micronesia: finger injury infection)
Joe Dowdle (Tocantins: challenge injury)
Mike Borassi (Samoa: challenge injury)
Russell Swan (Samoa: dehydration)
Kourtney Moon (One World: challenge injury)
Colton Cumbie (One World: "appendicitis")

This isn't exactly the most dynamic list of players. You have Jonathan and James but both have already had multiple chances. James has had three. I really don't think he should be given a fourth (especially considering he has already played again since his medical removal...was removed in Micronesia, played in Heroes vs. Villains). Jonathan is a good enough player, but he has already had two chances but if it isn't Colton, my guess is it will be him.

Russell and Michael are the only two dynamic players/personalities on that list who have not had a second chance. I'd be curious to see how Michael plays as he never really played in the "modern era," (with immunity idols).

I think it will be Russell, Michael and either Jonathan or Colton.

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