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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

That's the same problem that DC must overcome. I don't have a huge interest in some of these characters, but if they are setting things up for Hulk orAvengers or Spiderman or whomever, I will go see it.

Didn't really have an interest in Green Lantern knowing that going in they were limiting the universe by making an origin movie that had no bigger end game. At least it may have had one if it were a success, but it wasn't. At the same time, you don't the connected universe to be a gimmick.

Every movie needs to stand alone. We get too wrapped up in continuity. Don't make a direct sequel unless it is a direct follow up. Planet Hulk or Thor sequels do not have to be direct sequels to their predecessors, because the story can be taken in a million directions without getting bogged down in reoccuring characters and plot lines.

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