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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Sucks cause he was sooo close. I still think he's may be the one the ends up with the batman reboot in the end though.
Let's hope to God he doesn't use the year One script.

But yes. Can you imagine the visuals from a fear gas infected Batman (and others) with Aronofsky directing? How about a score from Clint Mansell?

I..I need to stop.

Anyways I only bring up singer cause people do love him but no one really ever brings up how accurate his wolverine is.
When I think about the brief green tinged flashback of Wolverine escaping from Wolverine, blood all over his nude body, and contrast that to the cool, comforting blues and bright lighting of the Weapon X scene from his own movie, with nary a scratch on him, it makes me palm my face.

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