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Default Re: Last Days of Krypton: 100 Day Countdown to Man of Steel!

Originally Posted by manofsteel4life View Post
Yea but sometimes they might reveal something big like Hulk catching tony or something similar like that you know?.....I've seen too much already
Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
I've went from full-blown every-day must-see threads, to simply a peeker. I'm with you now. The movie is so close that I'm content in scrolling past the certain gifs and T.V spots recently. Though it's gut-wrenching to stay away from, June 14th is seriously right around the corner. Not only can I smell it, I can TASTE it.
I'm with you guys. I have leaving the room a lot lately watching the NBA playoffs with my honey. I don't want to accidentally see a "hulk catch tony moment".

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