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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

No comparison.

In Miller's Returns story Bruce was Batman for decades, not a year and a few days, tops like Nolan Batman. He experienced a host of theats, crime of all types, Superman, the Justice League, etc.Miller Batman was a seasoned crime fighter in his 50s, pushing his 60s, not 30s pushing 40s. 20 years is a pretty big different. Miller Batman lost a "good soldier", a child, to a lifestyle he allowed, not a not-girlfriend who knew the risks. Miller's Batman never quits or goes into retirement to live out his blubbering Butler's crazy dream in a cafe in Italy, he still believes in the mission, is still obsessed and dedicated to fighting crime.

Context is everything. The Miller Returns Batman is a much better character than the one Nolan and Co. thought up. He's a much deeper and conflicted character and that story is arguably better.

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