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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

I can only speak for myself when I say it wasn't just that Nolan didnt stick to source material, but the plot holes in the third movie made it almost unwatchable. Bane not using venom/PCP/HGH, Talia Al Ghul popping up out of nowhere after being "on the board" for several years, Batman being the WORST detective in doing almost zero background checks of house servants, his board members and friends.... The list goes on and it does force you to reevaluate the past work he put together in the trilogy. Heath Ledger diverted a lot of attention of the same issues in the 2nd movie but his superior portrayal of the Joker took a lot of focus away from the fact that Bale was being a pretty poor Batman and Bruce Wayne. I'm sorry, and I repeat this is only my opinion, but TDKR was so director message driven I was almost glad it was over because I was tired of things just not making any sense not to mention the weak tie ins to elements from the comics.

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