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Default Re: Batman-"the most realistic" superhero?

Originally Posted by November Rain View Post
Becoming superman is easy.

you take someone from a more advanced culture and plop them in the middle of a more basic one, get them to integrate with the natives and allow him to become their greatest champion and either spiritual or military leader.

that is all what superman is.

no matter how much money or time an individual has on their side, it would be impossible for a single vigilante to be able to strike fear into their own entire city sized crime establishment and also be publically revered by its law institution.

again historically, the set up for batman is as long the history of civilization. So why don't we have one, or have ever had one?

it's far far FAR more realistic to have a beacon of hope symbol for the mass good people than to have a symbol of fear beacon for criminals, especially if they are willing to cross lines you (as the vigilante) are not.
What do you mean by advanced culture though?

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