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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
No there was one usage. You decided to make it two different usages. And the problem is not that people are going to get tired of the genre (which is a concern actually), the problem is if or when people start trying to capitalize on the genre. When a new genre emerges people start trying to capitalize on it which in turn causes eventual over-saturation which causes only a few films in the genre to do well and everything else to do not so well. This is why Marvel doesn't want to make 3 films every single year. They know there's a good chance with too many superhero films many will not do so well. Marvel knows they won't be the only big name in town in the next couple years.
That's only a problem for Marvel insofar as anybody actually *can* compete with them. So far, the only people with a demonstrated ability to do so are Christopher Nolan and the Sony Spider-man movies. That's way far away from actually achieving saturation based on super hero films alone. Other people releasing crappy super hero films just results in Marvel steamrolling them.

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