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Default Re: Transformers 3 Official Super Bowl Teaser/Trailer

Wow, it looks like the Decepticons are on a full scale invasion of earth, very nice, its about time. I highly doubt that is Skylinx flying around, he would be bigger and also he trasnformed into a Autobot shuttle. Also I hope to God Unicron is not in this movie, we all know Bay will mess up his character, like the idea someone said earlier about all of the ships in the sky coming together to form Unicron?? C'mon man that doesn't even make sense, but it something Bay would try. He just need to stick to a full scale invasion by the Decepticons. I do wonder if some of those invading ships are actual Decepticons or just space ships for them with Decepticon crew men (robots) on board. Trailer does look good though, I wonder if Shockwave is commanding this invasion, if so I wonder how Megatron is going to feel about that, could be a power struggle between him and Shockwave for leader ship.

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