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Default Re: Spoilers: The Codex..............What was it in it's originality?

Originally Posted by <(o_o)> View Post
How do they keep everyone on Krypton from being related to one another? Do they simply manipulate their DNA to prevent things like this from happening?
hmmm...that's a damn good question.

Originally Posted by <(o_o)> View Post
Unless Clark/Kal-El extracts the codex from his body, it will remain in his blood stream & dna forever & possibly never hurt him but it didn't have anything to do with him getting on not getting super powers either way?
What I'd like to find out is what importance does having all those codex imprints bear on Kal? Does this FINALLY mean he can procreate naturally with human???????

I hope so..... I think the aligning of Kryptonian and Human DNA is the end result of everything Jor-El planned....but that's just me.

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