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Default Re: Spoilers: The Codex..............What was it in it's originality?

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
hmmm...that's a damn good question.

What I'd like to find out is what importance does having all those codex imprints bear on Kal? Does this FINALLY mean he can procreate naturally with human???????

I hope so..... I think the aligning of Kryptonian and Human DNA is the end result of everything Jor-El planned....but that's just me.
Clark would simply murder a normal human woman just with his super discharge alone unless they somehow recreated the same Kryptonian atmospheric conditions aboard Zod's ship that temporarily took away his powers maybe then he would be able to have sex/procreate like a normal human with a woman/Lois.

When all else fails, there will still be Kara (when & if he finds her) for him to procreate with, but would they really go there? Unless Kryptonians are seemingly immortal on Krypton & not many offspring are genetically engineered for each family bloodline then it would be kind of bad for him to hook up with his cousin if they are closely related but since Kara is supposed to be thousands of years older than Kal-El according to the pre-quel comic then you've got to stop counting them as family at some point so it wouldn't be so bad for them to hook up. Chances are they may never cover his procreation plans in the movies again only in passing conversation if any.

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