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Default Re: I don't see where Superman caused so much destruction

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
You're completely right, and you didn't miss anything. It was pretty much all Zod and his krypto buddies. Yes, Supes was a bit reckless in Smallville, as in when he first tackles Zod and they fly through the grain silos and the petrol station (and when he tackles Faora into the Ihop) but hey, it was his first day as Superman, so really, that's to be expected.

If you watch the Metropolis fight, its Zod who takes it down to street level.
Supes punches him over top of the buildings, presumably to avoid property damage. All those people

I mean, he'd never been in a fight before and never been able to cut loose with his powers, so really he probably didn't realise how much damage he could do.

However, the people who did the most damage in Smallville were the air force jets who fired missiles and strafed down the main street ! (and when their jets crashed that did a ton of property damage too, same thing in metropolis ). The train that Nam Ek threw actually did less damage than the jets.

Personally, I think people were so surprised by the scale of the carnage, compared to previous Superman films (particularly the human casualties) that they responded on more of an emotional level to it.

Something else, and I think this was intentional, lots of people ***** that Superman didn't try and save anyone during the fights. Actually, he did, he saved the following helicopter gunner.....and what happens when he does that POW ! He gets nailed, and Faora is left free to slaughter those soldiers. I think Snyder was making a point there that during a full on fight to the death, you can't turn your back on an opponent (especially those as dangerous as Superman was facing).

So, big ups to you for actually watching the movie and not just buying into all the negative hype.


This. 100% this.

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