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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
My friend (who just saw TDKR today) and I were having some discussions about Selina. Obviously, the implication in the end is she's done being a burglar and she'll be starting fresh with Bruce but my friend said that she felt that she'll go back to being a thief had Bruce died. I told her that my impression is that she wanted to start fresh (hence her aggressively seeking out the "clean slate" program) regardless of whether Bruce died or not. And in a way, I felt that she wanted to prove Bruce right even if he died. My friend did bring up a good point though that being a burglar is what Selina is and she lives for the excitement of it (at least in the comics). Somehow, my impression is that Nolan's Selina isn't exactly like that and this one wanted that fresh start. I'm curious what people's thoughts are?
She does steal the necklace, but that is a bonus while lifting the fingerprints from the safe. She steals Bruce's Lambo, and that can be seen as one-upsmanship. You've taken the necklace, but cat's got your car now, kind of thing. She is very good at stealing, no doubt about it. Her criminal record is representative of that. She sells the fingerprints to Daggett because she wants the clean slate. She doesn't get it. We then see her in front of his safe, in the act of stealing, in an attempt to start fresh. She then demands it from him at gunpoint. It is clear she wants this equipment and wants to use it. For example she said she'd help Batman out with the batpod, then ride out of town straight away. She changes her mind and Bruce/Batman is a reason for that. Whether or not she wants to continue that thieving lifestyle, just without a record and identity, remains to be seen. If so it would be from people that are well off (people not like Bruce!), for example how she helped that boy and returned his apple.

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