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Default Re: Could Parasite work as a stand alone villain?

Originally Posted by NotFadeAway View Post
About Morgan Edge....

Well, in this fanboys mind, Lex Luthor should not be used in the new origin film, whenever it is made. LexCorp should be mentioned, as well as Lex, but never seen in the first film.

I've mentioned on several occasions that I would have either Braniac or Eradicator as the sole villian in the new Superman origin film, two villians that wouldn't take much attention away from the story being centered around Clark Kent becoming Superman and the world's reaction to the Man of Steel. Both Braniac or Eradicator would help play up the Earth-Krypton aspect of our hero.

With that said, Morgan Edge could be in the origin film in a similiar fashion to Carmine Falcone in Batman Begins. Edge could be the villian Superman takes down in his world debut, if you will.

I think it would be cool if they did this. Have brainiac as the first villain and mention lexcorp. At the end of the film when brainiac is defeated have his body recoverd by lexcorp and do a scene like in begins where the joker card is shown. This could build up hype for the next film. Using Brainiac technology could also explain how he developed villains like metallo or parasite if you want to ground the movie a bit.

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