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Default Re: Will Sucker Punch bombing affect Superman?

Originally Posted by Willi Berg View Post
I don't agree with this doom and gloom about Snyder because of Sucker Punch. WB knew SP was a risk, that's why they spent more on marketing just before the release. WB like him as a director, so much so that they takes risks with him in terms of the projects that aren't necessarily mainstream. Superman is mainstream, it's less of a risk in that way. I don't think they're doubting Snyder as a director, more that they're doubting what they would allow him to do, what kind of movie to make. Superman *is* Snyder on a short leash- he has others writing the script, Nolan producing, a legacy to live up to, fan expectations. SP didn't have those things. I don't think WB are suddenly thinking the director they hired is another person. They know who they chose.


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