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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

I guess I'm repeating myself here, but if Nolan is saying anything about the villains in his recent interviews it's that they all have some sort of archetype that they fall under. In order to bring something fresh to the franchise he's tackling a different archetype, that being Bane. The Penguin, at least in his more recent incarnations, is simply a mobster running around town, and we've already had a ton of that in the films to make it seem fresh.

Catwoman is perfect in this regard since she is, ostensibly, the femme fatale, and Nolan's realistic/noir take on the Batman mythos has been sort of missing that archetype altogether. That isn't to say that he's using Catwoman because he's run out of characters or anything like that. It makes sense to the story, especially after Rachel's death.

Bane is easily understood as the next big villain because he is a natural escalation to Batman's classic rogues gallery - that's Knightfall pretty much down the middle. A big-bad who manipulates the entire collection of baddies to get to his goal, and succeeds. To an extent, Hush would have been equally suitable in this regard. But Nolan had that other criterion to fill: the "final chapter" angle. And Bane did come across in a story that promised a sort of finality to Batman that Hush or Strange could never establish. It all works pretty well in hindsight.

And for what its worth, I hope WB doesn't release another Batman film in a good long while... there are so many other franchises they can work on. Don't bore the audience away with just one kind of meal. Realistic, detective-vigilantism isn't the only kind of super-heroism out there!


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