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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
He may not care about 'looking nice', but it's not like he'll go around in a t-shirt and jeans, or a hoodie...even Ledger's one.
Ok? lol ... Relevance?

And it's more about punk, grunge, rebelious, youthful, eccentic, against societal norms psychological perspective on the Joker.

He thinks society and what they live by is a joke, so why dress to what they consider standards?

They actually toyed with giving the Joker his classic purple suit coat, suspenders, dress pants and GASP ... a t-shirt. And the look still would've made sense.

It was a shirt that Hemming had an idea for that I believe kept interchanging the words laughter, and slaughter on it. Could've been just as cool. Not as iconic, but cool and would make sense.

There was actually a design for the Joker with what seemed like winter time with a scarf that if Ledger was alive for TDK Rises, would've made for a great winter time image.

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
There is some warped sense of wardrobe flair in just about any incarnation of him.
I said that, didn't I?

I don't agree with the Joker being vein, though. It's counter-intuative to what the character represents.

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