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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by TheNolan View Post
Most emotional for me in the Trilogy:

1. Harvey Dent in the End of TDK, a totally ruined, wreak of man. Batman takes the fall. Gordon names him 'The Dark Knight'
2. Death of Rachel in TDK, Rachel's Letter, Harvey wakes up in horror.

3. Wayne Manor Explodes in BB, Bruce wails that he has failed, Caine comforts him.

There was a 2 minute bit w/ the hallucination of Raz Al. Gul in TDKR that could have been good- Bruce sees Raz basically tell him that his entire Life and struggle as Batman was forfeit, all while hanging on a rope in great pain.

Too bad they cut it short- I would have liked to hear more of what Bruce thinks Raz would think!
You seem to only think depressing events make for good endings.

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