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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

If anything, the TDK is a much smaller film than the grandiose stuff happening in TDKR. So it can be a bit jarring if you weren't expecting that. The only part that felt a bit off to me was seeing the President for a second and I'm not sure why. Maybe that seems a bit to "comic booky" to me. Meaning it seems like seeing a fictional President is something we might see in other genre movies. When watching TDK and BB to a lesser extent you could imagine that the President was whoever was really President in real life. I never thought about it till we see a recognizable character actor (whose name escapes me) that it starts to feel less grounded in the world created in TDK, specifically. That President looks more like a Marvel comics President, which I guess is strange because DC has a less grounded universe than Marvel, if you think about it. Marvel actually has real U.S. cities unlike DC. This kinda ties into the problems DC is going to have when they try and make a shared universe. The Nolan Gotham is more grounded than the Marvel worlds and it's gonna make it really hard for Supes and the like to exist in that kind of grounded universe.

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