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Default Re: Favorite villain of the trilogy?

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Raza was my favorite villain. I didn't find him on the poll.
Oh sorry, but this is for the main villains.

Originally Posted by Norek View Post
You know that by now, but I'm in absolute agreement with you there, Joker. Obadiah Stane for me, definitely.

The scene with him and Pepper at the office is soooooooooo well played and executed that I still have the same immense enjoyment from it like when I first saw the movie. I love it from start to finish and I enjoy every moment.

Another one that I love is when he screams in the scientist's face when he's told the the arc reactor would be impossible to be built.

I think Jeff Bridges completely owns the role. Not that any of those actors that played the other villains are bad, just the opposite, I like every single one of them very much, but Jeff Bridges' performance is so amazing it completely makes me forget about the other villains.
Couldn't agree more

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