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Default Re: Who thought SM2 was Overrated?

Originally Posted by RedBlueWonder View Post
Joker- what did you give Spidey 3?
The middle finger

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
Thank you.
My pleasure.

Just stating the obvious though.

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
You are absolutely wrong, and I won't agree with you
Your agreement is not necessary when talking facts. They'll still be facts whether you agree or not.

I know good women who do that, is that wrong? No
Don't use it as a con
Yes it's a con. Who tells someone to tell them they love you and not say it back to you afterward? One sided MJ.

She cools down fast, doesn't keep on a fit
Not the point. She should never have got pissed at him over him just trying to be nice to her in the first place.

Momentarily frustration does not equal jealousy, sometimes the wrong expression comes out, or it's translated in a wrong way. MJ was not jealous
Of course she was jealous. She just threw a filthy look to the man she supposedly loves and the man who saved her life several times. Why? Because he got a little round of applause from citizens who show more appreciation of him than she does.

She tried, he never listens
She tried once. She didn't even try again. She decided to chew his ass out over Gwen and her polished fingernails.

And that moment of "you don't understand how I feel" was before she was told of her replacement
No it was after. At the dinner. "You have no idea how I feel right now".

A wife kissing her husband is not wrong, doesn't matter the way
No, but she equated it to "our kiss" as in something she shared with Spider-Man/Peter. So why is it ok for her to use this sacred kiss on someone else?

MJ and Peter were dating when he kissed Gwen
It was a meaningless publicity stunt to please the crowd who were the ones chanting for it. Like actors kissing in a movie or on stage.

Yes, a kiss is a kiss, it's planned, and they know of it beforehand
How is that not cheating?
Because planned or not, it's still just a publicity kiss. No different to a movie kiss. All for show. For the crowd.

She knew they fight early in the movie, and didn't want them to fight again
Why is it so hard to see?
Bull. How did she know they fought earlier in the movie? Peter never told her. She didn't even know why Peter and Harry were not friends any more "What's with you guys anyway?".

Second not telling Peter is not stopping Harry from trying to kill Peter anyway. At least if he knows he knows that MJ still loves him and that there's an impending threat close to him that he can be prepared for.

But instead MJ decides breaking his heart and not telling him his best friend did it is the best option.


I told you before, and I'm still saying it, it was a whim of a moment, unplanned, unintentional, it happens cause pheromones were flying and neither wanted it
You can say it til you're blue in the face, it doesn't change a thing. The fact she ended up kissing Harry at all just shows what kind of a person she is. She initiated it, too.

Biting on teeth and cooling grudges is obviously worse than breaking a more prominent, more significant promise of sacred matrimony
Ok, I don't see it
Yes it's worse. At least you can say that she never loved John in SM-2. Any animosity she showed toward Peter in 2 was because she didn't know he was Spider-Man and his constant letting her down looked bad from her side.

In Spider-Man 3 she knows everything, they are finally together, and she treats him like dirt, behaves like a hypocrite, lets his life be in danger unknowingly without telling him, breaks his heart needlessly, and kisses his best friend.

Yeah, to say she was worse in SM-3 is an understatement.

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