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Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Wow and I loved Eric Savin immensely in Iron Man 3.
It's his onscreen presence and ferocity that gets to me. Without a doubt he's one of the strongest MCU villains. (Abomination would be a great match and we haven't seen Thanos do anything yet )

Originally Posted by Arcam View Post
I haven't read any of the comics or known anything about Kurse, but I loved how they transformed him from Algrim. It made sense to me, simple but effective not like some fantasy movies where it just gets wacky and stupid.
I think he's the best henchman I've seen in a movie. Powerful, loyal and intelligent.
A fantastically well done character who's doing his job and doing it with style.

He may not be that tall and in that way imposing, but hell I'd love to see him take on Hulk. That would be a glorious battle......glorious, not lengthy.
Completely agree with this!

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