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Default Re: Favorite character in the "X-Men" trilogy?

I picked Cyke out of spite to his disrespect in the third movie.

But seriously though?

1. Magneto (in the first two and not his hammed up and obviously very bored portrayal in the third)
2. Wolverine (in the first two and not the kiddy cuddly version in the third)
3. Rogue (in the first two and not the pussed out and misused and ruined Rogue in the third....there is a pattern here isn't there?)
4. Charles Xavier (in the first two and not the hammed up happy-to-the-death version in the third)
5. Cyclops (A great character that Singer had only touched upon exploring but at the end of X2 promised more to never came)
6. Jean Grey (She'd be higher but she was unexplored in her evil mode in the third and that was disappointing but FAmke did an overall great job in all three)
7. Mystique (A great character, especially in the second, too bad she was completely underused in the third. I would have preffered Magneto to care for her for a while and sympathized with her. Then at his big speech he shows what the "evil humans" did to her and kills her to everyone's shock, including her's. But he is "saving" her though)
8. Nightcrawler (He was just cool and has the best action sequence in the whole trilogy)
9. Beast (Grammer was great, the part was barely used to its full potential though).

Wow, of the 9 I listed X3 messed up 5 of them and underused two of

Oh well.

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