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Default Re: New Origin = Opposite of Donner's

Originally Posted by ck1777 View Post
But Nolan did do the opposite of Burton on a lot of things. Like I posted before the movie theatre, Joker's origin, traditional Batmobile etc. There are more but those are the only ones I can think of right now(I haven't see the old Batman movies in a long time). Like I said the few things that Burton did that were accurate to the comic, are the few only things that Nolan did that were'nt accurate to the comic. He did it on purpose.
Well, it's not like Burton changed things 'accidentally' either. It was on purpose too.

And there was a big number of things Nolan changed and from significative importance. Like Ras being Ducard, Luicius Fox being Bruce's ally, Rachel Dawes, Joe Chill being killed after being released, Joe Chill being captured the very night of the Waynes' murder, Joker being a face-painter, Joker disfiguring Two-Face, etc etc.

The curious thing is that in B89, we have a detailed origin of the Joker and little of Batman's. In Nolan movies we have a detailed origin of Batman and little of Joker's.

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